We specialize in the comprehensive completion of projects in the field of general building works.

General contracting

In the course of our activity on the Polish building market, we have completed several projects in the field of housing estate, commercial and industrial building works. We conduct projects, involving commercial facilities, residential and office buildings and industrial premises and public utility facilities, as well as entertainment centres and hotels.

Currently, conducting projects within the framework of the General Contracting system is becoming our main task.

As a General Contractor of facilities, we perform all works in a comprehensive manner, commencing with the building preparation and earthworks to bricklaying works, installation and finishing works on buildings.

General Contracting of specialized building works

Moreover, we perform all large-area works, among others:

  • comprehensive building works preparation
  • demolition works
  • earthworks
  • reinforced concrete works
  • bricklaying
  • modernization and rebuilding
  • works on telecommunications manholes together with preparing them for installations
  • painting
  • constructing plaster-cardboard walls.

In the future, we plan to expand into in the field of construction engineering and road engineering.

We possess experience, equipment resources and large human resources, necessary in large-scale works. Thanks to cooperation with the companies of proved reliability as subcontractors, we are able to have works conducted by up to 300 qualified employees, which, together with the constantly-increased machinery resources, makes it possible for us to undertake even projects of very large scale in the General Contracting system of projects and specialized large-area building works as a subcontractor of the largest companies.

We cooperate on a constant basis with several design companies and specialists in the field of building works, thanks to which we are able to ensure constant professional supervision and design and technology advisory services from the commencement to the completion of the building works.

Every project is for our company a new challenge, which makes it possible for us to develop further and acquire new satisfied customers.